• Gillette Mural

  • ThreeSisters-940x370

  • Ruby-throated Hummingbird & Trumpet Creeper Blossom

  • Homework

  • Crabapple Blossom & Honeybee

  • Glochidia-940370

  • StmpGang-940x370

  • Virginia Opossum

  • Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

  • Cat Chaos

  • RedtailPortrait-940x370

  • Lauren-940x370

  • PurpPrairieClvr-940x370

  • Nadine-940x370

  • OrchardOriole-940x370

  • Mallard-Nest-940x370

  • ForestStream-940370

Connecting people and the earth through art!

As an illustrator, I’ve been given a special opportunity to share my passion for the natural world through art. Whether it’s by explaining
a natural process, telling a story, pointing out the seldom seen, or exploring the mysterious, it’s my job to bring the connections between
people and the earth into view. I hope to spark people’s curiosity by drawing attention to what’s all around us . . . and then help them celebrate it!

I love talking shop and am always interested in new projects . . . please contact me if you would like to discuss an idea.

ILLUSTRATION & GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES: interpretive exhibits, science and nature publications for both kids and adults,
children’s picture books, animal portraiture, animal caricatures, graphic recording.