“I feel I’ve been given a special opportunity as an artist to share my passion for the natural world. I hope to spark people’s curiosity about what’s all around us through art, get them asking questions, get them wanting to go outdoors, get them to feel it. Whether it’s by explaining a natural process, telling a story, pointing out the seldom seen or exploring something mysterious, it’s my job as an illustrator to bring the connections between people and the earth into view . . . and then celebrate them!”

Providing both illustration and graphic design, Amelia Hansen has been an independent professional artist since 1989, specializing in natural science subjects and their connections to people. Her strong interest in science has grown into a broad background knowledge which is invaluable both in creating accurate illustrations and in communicating with clients.

Please contact me to inquire about new projects and commissions.

• Interpretive exhibits, displays & murals
• Interpretive trailside displays
• Children’s picture books
• Books and other publications for general audiences
• Custom animal portraits
• Decorative murals
• Graphic recording and other types of “live art” experiences for groups
• Educational and workshop materials
• Retail merchandise
• Fine art commissions