I recently completed the illustrations for an article entitled “They Want to Drink Your Blood”, written by Jeff Beane and featured in the just-released July/August 2014 issue of Wildlife in North Carolina magazine. Fleas, ticks, bedbugs . . . the assignment got me closer to all your favorite blood-sucking pals than I’ve ever been before. What fun!

Bloodsuckers1Pages 32-33; design and layout by Consie Powell

BloodsuckersFleaCat flea, based on a photo by Jay Barnes and used with permission

BloodsuckersLeechesFreshwater leeches attacking a yellowbelly slider

BloodsuckersBatVampire bat (not a resident of North Carolina) enjoying a few drops of dog’s blood

Bloodsuckers2Page 34, plus the magazine cover and a closeup

BloodsuckersFinchesSharp-beaked ground finches (a species from the Galapagos) pecking at the foot of a blue-footed booby