• Book Covers from Eastman Series
  • Illustration from Book of Forest & Thicket
  • Illustration from Book of Swamp & Bog
  • Illustration from Book of Field & Roadside
  • Illustration from Birds of Forest, Yard & Thicket
  • Illustration from Birds of Lake, Pond & Marsh
  • Illustration from Birds of Field & Shore

PROJECT: Six book series written by naturalist John Eastman using a unique approach that explores the ecological webs that connect all forms of life. Published by Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, PA.
ART PROVIDED: Pen & ink drawings, approximately 125 per book
Book of Forest & Thicket, 1992
Book of Swamp & Bog, 1995
Birds of Forest, Yard & Thicket, 1997
Birds of Lake, Pond & Marsh, 1999
Birds of Field & Roadside, 2000
Book of Field & Roadside, 2003