• Welcome to our Scenic Drive
  • Explore the Past, Restore for the Future
  • Red Fox, Detail from "Diversity is the Spice of Life"
  • Diversity is the Spice of Life
  • Prescribed Burn, Detail from "Fire, the Natural Necessity"
  • Fire, the Natural Necessity
  • Red-legged Grasshopper, Detail from  "Look and Listen"
  • Eastern Meadowlark, Detail from "Bringing Back teh Birds!"
  • Look and Listen, Bringing Back teh Birds

CLIENT: Gilmore Car Museum, Augusta, MI; subcontracted by Kalamazoo Nature Center, Kalamazoo, MI
PROJECT: Working with nature center staff, I illustrated and designed nine interpretive panels that will be placed along a scenic drive through a restored Eastern tallgrass prairie. The panels provide information on the significance of tallgrass prairies, giving historical context and highlighting key plants and animals. Nature center staff developed the interpretive themes and wrote the exhibit text.