• MaasLyt
  • LupineSprout
  • KarnerLarva
  • MatingKarners
  • SpottedKnapweed
  • SaulLakeLyt
  • PitcherMink
  • LostLakeLyt
  • BitternMilkwort
  • Palomita-inSitu
  • Palomita-art
  • PaintedTurtles

CLIENT: Land Conservancy of West Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI
PROJECT: I’ve worked with LCWM staff on interpretive panels for four of their preserves: Palomita Preserve, Grand Haven; Saul Lake Bog Preserve, Rockford; Maas Family Nature Preserve, Rockford; and Lost Lake Preserve, near Muskegon. Shown here are the sign designs and a few sample illustrations.

Land Conservancy of West Michigan