• DeathFeigners1
  • DeathFeigners2
  • DeathFeignersFox
  • DeathFeignersSnake
  • DeathFeignersBeetle
  • Bloodsuckers1
  • BloodsuckersFlea
  • BloodsuckersBat
  • BloodsuckersLeeches
  • Bloodsuckers2
  • Scat1B
  • Scat2B
  • Metamorphosis1B
  • Metamorphosis2B
  • Mistletoe1B
  • Mistletoe2B
  • SpiderWebs1B
  • SpiderWebs2B
  • LittleSnakes1B
  • LittleSnakes2B

PROJECT: Illustrations on a wide variety of nature topics, created for “Wild Notebook”, a regularly featured article of Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine, published by North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Raleigh, NC. “Wild Notebook” is intended for children but adults enjoy it, too!
ARTWORK PROVIDED: Full color watercolor and ink illustrations for one- and two-page spreads.

Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine